Great microwaving starts with a really good pre draw the best way to get the perfect pre draw is to have the best bra mapping pencils microblading healing, so I’m going to show you the tools I use and how I sharpen, these pencils in order to create the best free draw, my favorite pencils would have to be the dixon China marker I get them in black, there is a 81 and a 77 the 81 is a thin lead and it’s really good if you like to draw in your strokes to show the client what the micro blading will look like, and then there is the 77 I like the 77 when you’re doing the pre draw brow mapping because it’s a little softer and easier for those lines to just glide okay, so here is your bra mapping pencil, the 77 when you first get it you’re going to see this string that is where you’re going to start unraveling the paper so you is microblading permanent.Wanna start despite pulling that string down probably about half an inch that way you can open up this paper and you’ll see that the paper actually has perforated lines to make it easier to pull off so you want to ideally keep it on that perforated line so that it doesn’t break off because I’m telling you when this paper breaks off it becomes a lot harder to sharpen your pencil, just trust me on this one okay so we don’t need this and throw that away now you’re gonna have about I don’t know three fourths an inch of lead and with this lead, you’re gonna wanna sharpen it, we want it to look like a flathead screwdriver I believe it’s called okay, so now that I’ve taken the paper off I have a bow tie.Say almost an inch of lead to work with you want to make sure that when you’re sharpening the pencil your using your blade and you want to get a blade like this and when you’re using it you want to make sure that the blade is flush against the lead and not coming straight down, if you come straight down it will break the pencil and the whole idea is to get a really thin almost like a flathead screwdriver brown mapping pencil but I’d actually like to sharpen it facing me, I feel like I have more control of the pencil and what I do is I’m going to use my pinky right here, I’m gonna use my pinky to support the lead so that it doesn’t break if you don’t do that I promise you the lead will break off and you’ll have to start all over and just start holding underneath the lead and coming with the blade flush against the surface in a downward motion with a slight angle.Down and just do a little bit at a time working very slowly and once you do that and get a couple little shavings off go and turn it around flip it upside down, so now you’re on the other side of the LED and you’re gonna start working this side shaving downward a little bit out of time.And if you notice I like to use a tray because I feel like the tray keeps your area a little cleaner that way I just take the tray and I empty into the trash and I’m good to go I don’t have to clean up pencil shavings everywhere, so anyway I’m supporting with my pinky, I’m coming flush to the lead slightly down and then I’m going to work, the other side again I’m gonna go back and forth until I get this pencil to look like a flathead screwdriver a promise you won’t cut yourself as long as you are holding the blade flush to the lead if you are holding it down like this, you will cut yourself so don’t do that we don’t want that I’m gonna flip it again.And just a little tip I like to have you know a little pencil case with about four to five pencils already sharpened so that when my clients come in I don’t have to worry about doing this step because the worst thing is when you break one or your pencil gusto land you have to sit there and waste time on sharpening the pencil, so just be prepared okay, so I’m going back and forth almost there, once I feel like I sharpened it enough what I’m gonna do you can kind of see it starting to get a little edge to it, but when I want to check it to see if it’s fine enough I just go on my hand and draw a line and that line.Is perfect right there you really want thin brow mapping lines if they’re too thick you’re migrating strokes will be off the skeleton will be off so see how this is flat like this, now if you are one of those who like to do a pre draw and draw the strokes in it’s going to be hard to do it’s almost like working with an angle blade, it’s easier to do with A U blade right, so what you can do is grab one of the 81 China markers and you’re gonna do the same process shaving it like a flathead screwdriver, but at the end you’re just going to shave a little bit off the side, just a little smidgen I don’t even know about the word, the word.To make it more like a huge lady, the goal is to get it so that it’s rounded and um, you’re gonna have to soften those edges, so what I do is I kind of just run it against my hand and soften those edges, now it’s a lot easier to draw those strokes with one that has a you blade and we’ll just call it the you blade brown mapping pencil, but this would be the 81 m dixon China marker it’s a thinner lead I feel like it just creates better strokes, so now I can test it on my hand, oh yeah so much easier to draw these strokes. And you just kind of twist with your fingers to get that little curb.

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